The final name of the chain of fast food Mikhalkov and Konchalovsky - "Eat at home"

Nikita Mikhalkov specified the name in an interview with TASS. Nikita Mikhalkov specified the name in an interview with TASS

Filmmaker Nikita Mikhalkov said that out of a brother’s joint network of domestic fast food will be called "Eat at home" and not "Eat at home." Snack bars will be launched in the Moscow and Kaluga region in a year and a half. The director himself spoke about this in an interview with the agency. TASS on Thursday.

He also noted that the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Alexander Tkachev, approved the project, since the production of food in the cafe will be from domestic products.

We remind you, Mikhalkov and his brother, director Andrei Konchalovsky plan to open a network of fast food restaurants in Russia, which could compete with McDonald's .

Konchalovsky’s wife, Julia Vysotskaya, who is the host of the popular culinary show "Eat at Home", also participated in the development of the idea - the name of the cafe chain was originally announced.

The details of the project were announced on April 9: it is planned to launch a network of home-style restaurants, combining them with culinary. A little later, the government decided that there was no need for special subsidies from the state budget, but the project could apply for financial support in the general manner - like any small and medium-sized business.

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