Create a Yandex Mail account. What is Yandex Passport

  1. Key Features Overview
  2. How to change the password in Yandex mail?
  3. Registration in Yandex - the key to all the possibilities of the Internet!
  4. How to register in Yandex
  5. Instruction
  6. Registering email on Yandex
  7. Google account registration
  8. Name and Surname
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  12. Additional email address
  13. Security Question

To register with Yandex Mail, you need to go to the site of the service itself, and click on the “ start a mailbox ” button:

Then the registration window will open, where you will need to fill in information about yourself, as well as come up with a login and password. On the same page, you can link the phone to your mailbox. After filling press the button " Register ":

After that, you will see a page with your data. Check them, and if you notice an error in the data, correct it.

After you have created your mail, a window with settings will pop up before you. In total you will need to pass five. simple steps on setting up mail.

That's it, now you can get to work!

Key Features Overview

Unlike many other E-mail services, Yandex Mail has great amount settings and features:

To set up mail, click on the gear in the upper right. This service allows you to link several mailboxes together so that all mail arrives on Yandex, it is also possible to configure personal data, change security settings. In addition to all this, there is a “other settings” page where you can set account parameters:

Even in this mail can be configured appearance that is, change the design. To do this, click on the icon located to the left of the settings button (gear).

How to change the password in Yandex mail?

In order to change the password from Yandex Mail, simply click on the profile icon in the upper right, and there select “ Change Password ”:

On the page that opens, enter the old and then the new password:

It often happens that a person forgets the password from his email. But how then to restore it? It's very simple - in this case, when you log in, you need to click on the button " Forgot your password? ", Then restore it using a second mail or phone.

For those who register the first time, I can advise you to add your phone number, as well as a second mail - this will help you if you forget the password, and also allows you to read all mail on one box, which is much more convenient.

Search engines are forced to constantly invent some new services for their users in a competitive environment. The most prominent companies in this industry have an impressive arsenal of tools for comfortable work user online. Today we will talk about how to register with Yandex. So:

Registration in Yandex - the key to all the possibilities of the Internet!

As you know, Yandex search engine is one of the most successful and promising systems in Russia. virtual space . There is a mass of services that are offered by Yandex. In order to get access to all services, which are mostly free, just go simple scheme register and create your email address . This is done very simply.

Feel free to click on big button "Create mail". Next you will see the registration page, where everything is explained more than accessible. Choose your username and password. Be sure to remember them, since these data will be needed in order to get into the Yandex system. Thus, you can register in the mail Yandex.

After registration mailbox You will receive the first letter, where the administration of the Yandex search engine thanks you for choosing their company. This letter should not be deleted. Now, being the owner of a mailbox on Yandex, you become a member and user of the system, which is able to offer you many possibilities. To select a function, you should use command line , which is located above your mailing page.

How to register in Yandex.Money? When registering a mailbox, a special Yandex.Money account is also registered, which can be replenished and used in online stores. You can also register in the Yandex catalog, where, by the way, you can spend money from your Yandex wallet.

With the development of the Internet, competition for all sites is constantly growing. In this regard, administrators have to invent something new in order to somehow keep their customers and visitors. There are new services, features, additional features . This phenomenon is particularly susceptible to search engines, because they are the most popular, and even a slight lag in progress would entail the departure of thousands of customers. Therefore, each of them holds the bar and moves forward. In this article we will talk about how to register in Yandex, and also what it will give us.

As mentioned earlier, each site is trying to invent new features that the user has not yet seen. Yandex administrators are not exceptions, they constantly delight their customers with new material. That is why it is important to know how to access this information.

How to register in Yandex

Yandex search engine allows the user to not only search information on the Internet, but also to get mail, view the world map, exchange electronic money and much more. And best of all, these functions will be available to you in just 5 minutes.

The fact is that the search engine is practicing a single account, i.e. if you get an account in the mail, then get access to all other functions, conveniently right? It is by the example of mail that we will learn how to register with Yandex.


  1. First go to home page -
  2. Here pay attention to the area with the window - login and password. It is intended to log into your email account. Nearby there is a link "Registration", click on it.
  3. Enter your personal details Special attention Pay to the fields: login (it will be part of the email address) and password (which affects the security of your personal data).
  4. After the operation you can go to your profile. The Yandex system will send a letter of congratulations. It is not desirable to delete it.

So, now you have access not only to mail, but also to other functions. They can be found in the area where Top Menu . Just click on necessary service and the system will redirect you. Do not forget that you must be logged in, otherwise access will be limited.

Each of the bloggers dreams of high attendance and active readers of their brainchild, but among ordinary people There are also those who conduct invisible work on the Internet.

Bots search engines - tools with which Yandex and Google sometimes know more about us than we do. That is why you should not only help search robots in studying own blog , but also directs them in the right direction.

Registering email on Yandex

By registering mail in Yandex, you can easily use all Yandex services using single account .

By registering mail in Yandex, you can easily use all Yandex services using   single account

If for some reason you do not want to indicate your phone number or it simply does not exist, you can use the “input of the control question”

Use non-standard questions, such that you can answer without problems, but the crackers will not find the answer.

We press register and proceed with the following mandatory registration.

Yandex services that will later be useful and needed:

Google account registration

Google account registration

Like me, Yandex indicates on Google: first name, last name, login (try to use the same one as Yandex, if it is free), password.

Date of birth, gender, telephone (just like Yandex, necessary measure ) and your country of residence.

As you can see, the login that I used in Yandex turned out to be occupied by Google, I had to add an additional number in the name.

We confirm the phone either with a code that Google will send you in sms, or with the help of " voice call "Where the girl robot will tell you the necessary six-digit code.

Congratulations, you have become the owner of a single account in google system and one of the most reliable postal service.

Google services that will be useful and useful in the future:

First homework:

Create an account in Yandex and Google. Remember, but better to write logins and passwords.

Name and Surname

When registering, it is recommended to indicate the real name and surname. If access problems arise, the support service can verify this data with your civil passport if other ways of solving problems did not help.


Login is unique name your Yandex account, which you will need to enter at each authorization. Also, the login determines the address of your Yandex ..

When selecting a username, Yandex does not distinguish between a period and a hyphen, therefore, the username of ivan.ivanov is considered to be the same as ivan-ivanov.

After registration you will not be able to change your login.

Account password

Password is the main security measure for your account. The password must meet three basic requirements:

  • he must be known only to you;
  • it should be easy for you to remember;
  • it must be hard to find.

Attention. Never and never tell anyone the password with which you can log into your account. The more people know your password, the higher the likelihood that an attacker will know it.

Do not use simple passwords : 12345, qwerty, password, etc. Also, do not enter your first name, last name, birthday or passport number as a password - all this information about you may be available to an outsider.

Mobile phone

Account Linked Number mobile phone will allow you to recover your password using SMS.

If you entered the phone number during registration and successfully registered, Yandex will send you a confirmation code. This code must be entered on the page.

Additional email address

You can also restore access to your account using the additional e-mail box . If you have forgotten your password, Yandex can send you a letter with instructions to the address associated with your account.

Security Question

If you have not attached a phone number or email address to your account, you can reset the password by answering Security Question . Question and answer to it you ask yourself when registering.

Since the control question allows you to change your password, you can create a question and answer just as carefully as a password. It is not necessary to give an answer that someone other than you may know. Also, do not ask too complicated or incorrect answer - it will be easy to forget.

Note. It is more convenient and safer to reset your password using a mobile phone or an additional email address. If you have attached a phone number to your account or email , the recovery control question will be unavailable.

Change the security question or answer to it in. To do this, enter the answer to the question indicated earlier. Make sure you enter the answer correctly and in desired layout keyboard.

If the correct answer cannot be recalled, you will be asked to contact support through a special form.

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